Monday, 16 November 2015

Boiled Plantain and Vegetable Omelette

So I was scrolling through my Instagram timeline and somehow I got to @ariellafitness page and I saw a beautiful plantain and egg representation. I immediately knew I had to prepare something as such. 
There I go again…She’s the inspiration behind this meal.

Delish' Boiled Plantain and Vegetable Omelette

Ingredients (2 servings)
Handful of Vegetables (Spinach/ Ugwu)
3 Eggs

½ Chili pepper
Onions, Salt to taste
Chicken franks (optional)
2 tablespoon of cooking Oil
And of course PLANTAIN

Cut plantain to shape of choice and Boil
Slice pepper, chicken franks, onions and vegetables (I used Ugwu)
Break egg into a bowl and add sliced mixtures and salt to taste
Fry with little oil