Monday, 8 February 2016

Ayamase Sauce A.K.A Ofada Stew

Just before I started prepping to make this sauce, I google-searched the meaning of Ayamase and I was surprised at the story behind the name. I found the story quite funny though so I decided that I'm just going to tell the story already *winks*

Ayamase(meaning the wife of Mase) was a Yoruba woman who normally prepare this sauce specially for her lover, not her husband o.
She was a creative person and always wanted to cook something different for her "lover". So she would pair the sauce with the local rice (ofada rice), she also serves the dish in a traditional green leaf.  (Story culled from Majestikfood blog)

This stew is basically made from green bell pepper and is usually served with ofada rice. It's even served at yoruba parties, can also serve as breakfast, lunch or dinner idea.

Basic Ingredients of Ayamase

8 large green bell peppers (tatashe)
3 habanero peppers (rodo)
1 cup of palm oil
4 cups of assorted meat (chopped in bite-size)
2 wraps of locust beans (iru, basically 6 tablespoons)
1 large onion (dized)
2 knorr cubes
salt to taste


  • Blend the green pepper and habanero pepper together.
  • A TIP: from (@9jafoodie) instead of boiling the pepper to remove excess water, sieve out the water. It's less stressful
  • Heat the palm oil (app. for 10 minutes) TIP: I'm pretty sure there are some people out there that are allergic to palm oil heat. I mean, I literally choke when I inhale the smoke, so my mum taught me this trick of covering the pot when heating palm oil. Then, place the pot outside the kitchen (an environment with fresh air), allow to cool.

  • When the oil is cool, place on heat again, then add onions, allow to fry until it turns brown.
  • Fry the locust beans (iru) as well until bubbles appear on top of the oil.
  • Then pour the assorted meat in the oil and fry until slightly brown. TIP: use a non-stick spoon to stir so that the meat doesn't burn or stick to the pot.
  • Now, pour the pepper, add knorr cubes and salt, mix all together and allow to cook for 50-75 minutes. TIP:the longer the stew on heat, the better the taste (Mama's tip)
  • When the oil comes to the top, then, its well cooked.

Serve with your favorite type of rice; ofada, basmati, white, jasmine rice...or even pasta *winks*

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  1. This is my go to recipe because it is so straight forward and easy to follow. Thank you.