Monday, 13 June 2016


Wondering what language Ipekere is? Well, it's Yoruba and that's what we call Plantain chips. And just because I'm impartial, I took some time out to check the Igbo and Hausa meanings as well, you know, since we basically have three major tribes in Nigeria. Here goes:

In Igbo its called Plantain Ibe and Hausa, plantain kwakwalwan kwamfuta. In fact, I also checked for the French and Spanish names as well, chips de plantain and chips de pl├ítano respectively. You can check for other languages and even the pronounciation by clicking on CHIPS

With just about few handy ingredients, you can make this snack and enjoy that crunchy "kra kra"sound. Trust me when I say, that sounds gives me joy.

This snack could pass for brunch at work, while watching your TV shows at home or could even substitute popcorn at the kidding o. Popcorn and Movies are like what God has joined together, they literally have a chemistry from heaven, hahaha. Back to seriousness, here's what you'll need to make plantain chips.


Unripe Plantains
Salt and cayenne pepper
Oil for frying


  • Peel the back of the plantain
  • Slice plantain into thin pieces, any shape of choice
  • Add salt to taste
  • Heat oil and deep fry, remove from oil when pkantaij is golden brown in colour.
  • Now, while it's in a bowl, mix the chips and cayenne pepper.
  • TIP: mixing pepper after frying only allows tge plantain from burning.
  • Spread chips in a tray to dry
  • Enjoy

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