Friday, 1 April 2016

Simple Basic Salad and Chicken kebabs

This is basically something to chew on anytime of the day...or night. All because it's salad... and Salad is Healthy!!


Handful of lettuce, sliced
1 large tomatoes, (cut into bite size)
Small sized cucumbers, nicely sliced
Cabbage, sliced
Carrots, grated
Boneless chicken, boiled

How to:

  • Rinse all vegetables in water and vinegar mixture
  • For the kebabs, I mixed honey, ketchup, light soy sauce, mint, paprika and parsley spices in a bowl, brushed the mixture on the chicken, and grilled...
  • To serve, nicely spread the vegetables in a bowl or flat plate....simple yeah???
  • Serve with any salad dressing of choice. (I used honey and mustard dressing)


You should totally try it 

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