Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Mashed Potatoes and Ugwu Soup

Potatoes are healthy and can be tweaked in many ways...Try this mashed potato recipe and be glad you did. *winks* This meal is super yummy and easy...It can be served as lunch or dinner.


For 4 servings:
8 Tomatoes
6 Habanero pepper (ata rodo)
2 large sized onions
2 tbsp of locust beans (iru)
3 tbsp of blended crayfish
2 smoked fish (remove bones and shred)
assorted livestock (meat, chicken, diced)
4 pieces chicken franks, boiled (optional)
2 knorr chicken cubes
3 handful of ugwu leaves(sliced and rinsed)
3 large sweet potatoes (diced and rinsed)
1 cooking spoon of canola oil

Preparation Method

  • Blend tomatoes, 4 pieces of pepper and 1 onion together. Slice the other onion and set aside
  • Slice the rest of the pepper and chicken franks, set aside
  • In a pot, heat oil and add the sliced onion, allow to fry for a minute, then add the blended pepper
  • Allow the pepper to fry for about 30 minutes. In between add the locust beans, smoked fish and assorted meat and continue cooking, until there's no liquid sauce in the stew (meaning the stew should be well fried)
  • Now add the knorr cubes and the blended crayfish, stir and allow to steam for a minute
  • Add the leaves, the remaining sliced pepper and the franks. TIP: the leaves should steam for just 5 minutes...this keeps the vegetables fresh ans crunchy

For the Mashed Potatoes;

  • Boil the potatoes for 10 minutes
  • Drain the water into a bowl
  • Now, pound the potatoes as you would pound
  • Add the potato-water if need be
  • Pound until everything is smooth
  • Dish and Enjoy...

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