Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Ofe Nsala Soup A.K.A White Soup

I first had ofe nsala sometimes last December, one of my neighbours launched her native restaurant, so she decided to bring us some soup for the weekend. I still wonder how I didn't even taste or hear about this soup throughout my stay in the East during youth service, upon all my adventure
with other eastern soups like "okro (draw soup)", vegetable, afang, edikaikong soup, e.t.c

Since then, I craved the soup and longed for a simple recipe to use...simplicity is key...as usual. Luckily for me, I got the simple version of the recipe from my mother's friend, and of course I did some extra research and added a little 'tweak' to it.

So here's what you'll need for (6 servings)

10 pieces of goat meat
Assorted meat (optional)
3 tbsp of crayfish, blended
Stock fish (preferably, the head)
Dry fish
Dry pepper
Uziza leaf (optional, it serves as spice)
Pounded yam (fist size)
Habanero pepper, diced (ata rodo)
Salt and knorr cubes to taste


First, boil the stock fish head for 10 minutes, rinse out the dirt in the fish.
Now in a clean pot, boil the goat meat, assorted meat and stock fish together, be sure to add onions and other spices to taste. Allow to boil until meat is reasonably soft
Then transfer the meat into a bowl
As the stock fish is still boiling, add pepper, dry fish and crayfish and allow to boil for 30 minutes
While that is ongoing, make pounded yam, the size of your fist or just 1 cup of the flour will do
Now, add the goat meat back into the soup
Add the uziza leaf, knoor cubes and salt to taste
Also, add the pounded yam: cut into small morsels and drop at intervals in the soup
Boil together for 15-20 minutes

Served with pounded yam, wheat, oatmeal fufu or eba

I dished mine with oatmeal fufu...

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